Chop it Down or Not? Cairns Tree Lopping Experts Know What’s Best

“These experts understand that a variety of factors come into play before a tree is considered a potential threat. For example, if a tree branch doesn’t have any leaves when it’s supposed to be blooming, that tree is likely sick or dying. A strong gust of wind or a short, heavy downpour will be enough to break branches off. Meanwhile, some tree species are known to be inherently weak. Black locust trees, for instance, are very susceptible to a fungal disease known as ‘heart rot’, which causes their branches to fall apart.

While Cairns treelopping companies and similar professionals in Australia are certainly eager to help, citizens also share the responsibility for managing trees on their property. In Queensland, this duty is clearly spelled out in The Neighbourhood Disputes (Dividing Fences and Trees) Act 2011 and the Land Title Act 1994. In this regard, concerned property owners can turn to a first class tree lopping and vegetation management solutions provider like MPDT Tree Serv


A Reliable Cairns Arborist Will Remove Sick Trees, Keep Property Safe

If you think that a tree in your area is afflicted by any of the diseases mentioned above, it is important to consider calling a reliable Cairns arborist for his or her expert opinion on whether to keep or cut it down. Strong winds can easily uproot a diseased tree, leading to considerable damage in its vicinity, depending on the size of the tree in question.

Calling professional Cairns tree removal services like Mossman & Port Douglas Tree Lopping is beneficial as they have the equipment and the manpower necessary to help remove any problematic tree. They also know the best approach in removing a tree without exposing people to danger.

Effective Tree Lopping in Cairns Assures the Safety of the Community

This is why it is important to look at the trees in your vicinity and check for any signs that they are in danger of falling. You should be concerned once you spot large dead branches, as well as cracks and/or splits in the trunk. Find out if adjacent trees have fallen over in the past.

If you see these signs on any tree around your property, it is important that you call Cairns treelopping services in order to solve the problem. Trusted firms like Mossman & Port Douglas Tree Lopping have the equipment and expertise to cut down and clear away hazardous trees and help make the community safer.

Tree Management: Why It is Best to Hire a Reputable Cairns Arborist

However, simply chopping trees down will not be enough because the stumps left behind might then become suitable habitats for termites and other pests. The stumps also need to go, preferably with the help of a company that performs stump grinding in Cairns and elsewhere. This task requires plenty of manual labour, though, which makes the process of completely removing trees or shrubs in a large area understandably daunting.

It is easy to understand why prescribed burning is considered a viable forest management technique. However, the quickness and convenience of starting fires to clear away trees and shrubs are offset by the resulting health and ecological problems. Doing things the old-fashioned way may turn out to be the best option after all.

Warning Signs You Need Cairns Tree Lopping Services for Your Safety

Some trees grow multiple trunks that may not be an immediate cause for concern but might eventually present a higher risk of infection and general weakness. Be sure to check for any holes or cracks that could invite harmful bacteria or fungi to grow on the trunk. You may want to have an experienced Cairns tree lopping company thoroughly assess the health of the tree.


A tree’s roots are what anchor it in place. Unfortunately, untrained professionals can find roots rather difficult to assess because these are located underground. An article from the US National Wildfire Coordinating Group presents tell-tale signs of root damage.

An Expert Cairns Arborist Can Help With Tree Removal After a Storm

A Cairns tree removal company has the experience and special equipment that allows them to safely but promptly remove fallen trees. However, no one would surely want to have to go through the same dilemma, particularly on their birthdays.

The services of tree removal experts can thus be better utilized in clearing away their backyards of unwanted trees to give them more room for parked cars– and birthday celebrations.

Cairns Tree Lopping Specialist Offers Free Cyclone Safety Assessment

Have you braced yourself for cyclone season yet? If not, allow MPDT—a leader in tree lopping around Cairns—to assess your tree situation for free before a gusty cyclone hits.

While Cairns and the rest of Northern Queensland enjoy generally warm and dry weather for most of the year, it’s a different story between November and March. During this wet season, Cairns is visited by tropical monsoons, which often bring cyclones with it. In fact, the Bureau of Meteorology expects about three cyclones to hit the northern regions this year.